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Small Businesses' reactions to Pandemic, in 2021

Published on 17 February 2021 at 14:55

2020 has brought a lot of life changes to all of us: the pandemic has affected not only our health, our private lives but also our work and certain circumstances and tools we have always given for granted to perform a job with.
When there is chaos, everything is possible, meaning that there is no right or wrong way of doing things. Changes bring changes, like waves bring other waves in a stormy ocean. It is not until everything will start to calm down that we will notice what has really changed looking back.
In the meantime: 2020 has seen a lot of closed businesses and businesses gone bust.
Some small businesses are managing to "keep their head above the water" by keeping open and taking online orders and doing home deliveries. A lot of online marketing has increased, social media has suddenly become saturated by new businesses who sell their products and have been doing so for a while but never had a place on a platform. Everyone turned onto Instagram shop, Facebook pages and other platforms to advertise their business trying to maintain their product known to the public, making sure that they are not forgotten whilst this pandemic "storm" is around us all.
On one side this is great, but on the other side....
Well, the online market was already saturated of competition of any kind for a while. Now that everyone has shifted online even more, the chances that your business is getting seen by anyone else is even harder.

(a little bit like in a busy high street)


To make this even worse, there is all the data and privacy issues that we have been long experiencing with the use of the web in general and now that Facebook and Apple are in a war about Apple's new data tracking policies (which has seen Apple prompting iPhone users to disable their application from tracking their personal data) Facebook recons that this move will cripple those small businesses that rely and have been relying on Facebook for targeted advertising given by that particular data they would switch off.


Already, there are features that have been disabled in your insights, and if Facebook till now would only organically show a post to 10% of your audience, we will yet to see what this percentage will drop to once the iPhone users will disable their data.

Paid adverts will also result in a declined interaction of your post, not because you are not performing well, but because some of the people your posts used to get shown to, now they may have switched their data off and you would have disappeared off their radars.

There is an interesting article I read a few days ago from OBERLO 

that talks about and explains how current Facebook advertising cost can be seen and kept down, while you must keep advertising to get seen and your business alive. If you give it a read, you will perhaps understand how much work there is behind every single advertising post for a small business owner who has no clue what to do.

In substance, 2021 has started with the acknowledgement of digital marketing changes and small businesses will need to find a way to work with these changes to be able to keep their businesses "alive" during a pandemic, where very little people are able to just simply "walk around" to find their stores and their products.

How do you feel about digital marketing?

Do you advertise? Do you take your chances with organic views? or do you just sit in your office just waiting for a client to pop by and make a purchase?


Please answer my poll below as I am curious to understand how all of you are coping during the current situation.

How much time do you spend advertising for your business?

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Do you feel you need to advertise but you do not have time for it?

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Do you feel your service or product needs help advertising with, so that people will be able to still find you online in the "social-mass hysteria" that is currently changing the online world?

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