• Fixed Weekly Hours, 1 year contract
  • Professional Private Assistance
  • Skills, value & free time added to your life

Diary Management, General Admin, Invoicing, Excel Spreadsheets, Inbox Management

Offering all my skills to you

As part of my role I offer help with general administrative skills to professional personas who need help with their documents, diary management, invoicing and data inputting, database design and management (via Excel spreadsheets), or to sort out private documents such as passports, flight tickets, etc.

Sometimes although you try to be efficient, you may need to prioritize your work over anything else, meaning that you need to "leave behind" checking our emails regularly. Other times you get so busy that you may forget to reply to an important email, engaging in the chance to lose a good opportunity.

Managing your inbox is the first step to be organized and have control of your communication with your others, if you are struggling with your time management, please get in touch so that I can offer all my skills and help to help you.

Book a consultation call

I offer a full 60 minutes call where I will help you analyse your ways of working and also help you detect any flaws that hold you back from doing what you need. I will be providing you with non-judgemental support; a "outside of the box" thinking method; I will propose innovative solutions appropriate to your reaching your goals. All of this, by shaping my ways of working to yours.
The fee is payable in advance to the consultation via invoice.
(This fee will be deducted from your first payment when you sign up to any of my yearly contracts!)