• Custom solutions
  • Fixed weekly hours
  • Various Skill Gaps Covered

Online Support & Coaching

for Social Media Management

Are you someone who:

  • needs to use the social media platforms but has no clue what to do
  • finds the system just too complex to put their head around
  • has no time to waste on the virtual world

Many times I found myself giving crucial advice to people about how and why their advertising may/should differ from what they currently do. Many times I find myself explaining the reasons why advertising is a consistent work that needs to be done if you want to succeed with your business, or if you want to be seen active with what you do.


You can decide to have a chat with me your online methods

for a 60 minutes call priced at a small fee of £40.

If you decided to come back to learn more, you can book my support for a series of sessions:

3 x 1 hours sessions - £99 (save £21!)

5 x 1 hours sessions - £150 (save £50!)

If you wish to come back for more hours we please contact me separately for a custom quote.