• Fixed Weekly Hours, 1 year contract
  • Professional Private Assistance
  • Skills, value & free time added to your life

Personal Consultation to help you brainstorm when you need!

As your personal consultant I will empower you with solutions and skills that you will benefit from both in your work and lifestyle, on a longer term!

My passion and goal


Something that has always driven me in every position I have fulfilled in the past and in my current work as a trainer, is to  help and teach people to grow in a way that they would benefit from it on a longer term both in their personal daily lives and at work.


Experience and skills offered

I have gained experience by managing and training various types of small (1-50 members of staff) and large businesses (over 300 members of staff) on different levels in the last 20 years  from catering and hotel industries, to sport venues with multiple departments to the individual private practices of private clients, and I now want to pass on this experience to help private personas to  learn more about themselves by giving them skills I have learned and that have completely changed my life.


Benefits to your life and work!


By employing my consulting service, you will benefit from excellent problem solving skills, a keen eye to detail and teamwork, an assertive and focused leadership and training methods, organisational skills and great communication.

As a visionary, I offer a neutral perspective to the existing personal plan that you are currently working on, and I will  listen to your needs by providing you with advice, improvement and innovation in order to help you reach your goal!

What we build together will be an invaluable improvement in organization and structured direction that your lifestyle will benefit from, forever.

The aim of this training is to give you the confidence to ask questions you could never ask before during your school training or in a workplace where even your direct superiors where not 100% sure what to do. We will discuss your personal task/goal reaching issues, your lack of achievement in small home tasks and how to get more organized in your daily routine. From emails to folding your clothing away, I will help you reach some piece of mind.


You will learn in more detail about personal management, personal structure, being more organized, tricks and tip about how to deal with a difficult situation via the use of certain examples, or by discussing a difficult situation you have experienced and left you scared to deal with; we will discuss the practical meaning of personal satisfaction and what exceeding expectations means in the detail. We will discuss a system, call it a routine, for you to use as a sample to follow for when it comes to organize an event, a party or even just your diary.