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Website Design & SEO

Having a website is like owning a shop with a window on the main high street. It is essential to have your products on the market for people to be able to chose from and find what they want. In order for you to be "out there" you need to have a website where you can (like in a shop's window) showcase your products and your work. On top of this, you also need to have SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which is nothing else than the tool that allows your website to be found on the internet search (like having the lights and signs of your shop turned on to show potential clients where to find you on a busy high street).

Prices start from £1200!!

What does it include?

  • Free 30mins - Initial consultation call
  • ongoing consultation and advice until the end of the project
  • 4 pages (usually Home-About-Services-Contact)

  • On page SEO for Google Optimization
  • Pages text re-arrangement for SEO purposes (text must be provided by the client for each page)
  • Social media integration
  • 1 domain + free email set up

Additional costs

  • Use of website training - 1 hour call - £50 per hour
  • Upload of 1 item - £5 per item
  • Group item upload - (min 10 items) bespoke price
  • Unique update requests - £30 per hour
  • Unique full profile design (includes text, SEO, content) - £460
  • Google Account, Console, Verification - £299
  • Additional language - £55 per page construction (no translation is provided of original website text or SEO language)
  • Unique full profile design on client's preferred web platform (if already purchased) - £590