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Private Person - 2021-2022

"I have worked with Lavinia on and off on a private and personal level, where she has helped me keeping organized, sending me reminders of important personal tasks otherwise I would have forgotten to do. We spent time over the phone to brainstorm about potential business ideas, personal goals and her advice has been incredibly important to me, as it allowed me to freely discuss something I could have never discussed with friends nor family. She is a very professional person, honest and very reliable! She would try her best no matter what to accommodate you, but she will also tell you if she can't do so immediately. Lavinia would come up with ideas and a certain innovation in the way you think, she would analyse what you say to her, understand that and formulate a suggestion fit for your issue. Lavinia is a splendid person and a great Private and Personal Assistant!

Helen Brice

"Lavinia demonstrated promise of an excellent PA from the outset by dropping an unsolicited, and welcome, email into my inbox the second week of the UK's Lockdown in March 2020.

I liked that this action already showed initiative, audacity, confidence, and doubtless tenacious research, and a style that was non-invasive. I do not give up control very easily, and so Lavinia has been gentle and persistent, so that I can now delegate with confidence to her. I feel that she totally "gets" me in that she knows when to nudge me for responses or approval of documents or posts, and when to take her foot off the accelerator.

My priorities have been:

1) to build up connections in a particular medical sector and

2) to increase my online profile.

Lavinia has been instrumental in successfully getting nearer to these goals. In fact, as result of her expertise in revitalising my previously dormant Linked In profile I was asked to present at the Virtual World Music Conference, which I did in December 2020, and via a now active Twitter account I accepted an invitation to speak at the World Summit Psychiatry Conference in 2021. So it's working!

Lavinia is organised, diligent, always professional and polite. She keeps up to date with new developments on social media and website optimisation, and has perfectionistic secretarial (copy typing, dictation, organisational) skills! She has a polite and gentle manner and at the same time a robust confidence in her own ability.

It was important to me that Lavinia is a musician, and has a creative eye (she's a great photographer, by-the-way!), so that I can entrust her with my "selfie" video presentations, and with editing/overlaying music effectively, and within the copyright restrictions required."

David J Carr - for Alpha Legal English 2021

"Lavinia is a joy to work with. She is quick-witted, energetic, full of ideas and is clearly someone who sets high standards for themselves. She would be an asset to any organisation she joined or project in which she was involved."

Ivana della Briotta - 2020

"Lavinia helped me with translation between Italian and Hungarian. She speaks very good italian and I think hungarian too as she is hungarian mothertounge, She is also nice and helpfull. Higly recomended. I hope to see her again and if I need help I surely ask her to assit me"

Marketty Bleck

"Lavinia helped me set up my website! I was having an awful time with it. With her expertise she cleaned my website up, organized and even worked on connecting my email to my contact me page. She was timely and in constant communication with me. Thank you so much for your amazing work! I look forward to working with you more"

Dr. Mary-Anne Smyth - 2020

"LMeek is an exceptional virtual PA and I have no hesitation in recommending her. Lavinia is extremely bright, highly motivated and dynamic and goes above and beyond every day - I don't know where she finds the energy! I count myself lucky that our paths have crossed and I'm extremely grateful for the expert support that she provides."

Martin Moznan - 2020

"Lavinia helped me many time with translations and other PA activities. Very flexible, reliable, and responsible. Great job! I can only recommend."

Self Employed Professional - UK 2019

"Lavinia is an amazing young lady who performs her work with great style and adding always a lot of value to it. She will help me and suggest me every time she can with an honest and professional approach. She is a great help to my business and I can always count on her when I need her the most. I am grateful to have found her and it is a pleasure to work with her."

Helen Houghson - 2019

"Lavinia is a breath of fresh air! She has provided excellent and competent PA support to my business and takes ownership of anything you ask her to do, following everything to the letter and until a job is finished. She has a knack of clarifying everything before she starts, so whatever work she does, you know you will get exactly what you asked for, She has a very personable phone manner, knowing how best to handle difficult calls and keeping the calls concise and succinct but always managing to get all the information she needs in order to carry out a task. I would have no hesitation in recommending her for any of the work she does as she is very talented and versatile person."

"Be not afraid of going slowly, be afraid only of standing still"

Chinese Proverb


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