• Fixed Weekly Hours, 1 year contract
  • Professional Private Assistance
  • Skills, value & free time added to your life

If you landed on my website, there must have been a time when you have asked yourself these questions:


  • Am I working more hours than I should?
  • Am I managing my time well, or could someone else help me relieve some load?
  • Do I have a plan but am stuck in a vicious circle of "not enough time vs. too much to do"?
  • Do I need help filling a skill gap that I cannot perform, or have tried to perform but takes too much of my valuable time away?
  • Do I need help with my daily routine, organize my work at home, my daily life-style?

There are a couple of rules you should remember, when you feel stuck and need brainstorming to find a solution:


Don't give up on the chance to save your time!

Don't allow yourself to stay disorganized!

Don't allow your brand's name to get stale online!



Allow yourself to bring  your business to life!

Allow yourself to accept professional technical help!

And ultimately...

Allow yourself to have a break!!

Rest assured you will not regret working with me!

I can help you out in many different ways:


  • Firstly, I am different than other Virtual Assistants as I offer a WEEKLY FIXED HOURS Rolling, 1 year min term contract, which means that from the start, you will know exactly how much affordable I will be to you, with no extra surprises. Plus get a discount when you sign up for 1 year contract!
  • I offer the vast range of my skills to you while we work together and the knowledge I have in whatever you need me to help you with.
  • I also provide support for people that don't know how to get or keep organized in their homes and life as a personal assistant.
  • Payment is weekly on a Friday on receipt of invoice. This means you can also decide to set up a standing order if that was easier for you or you had no extras in your fixed weekly contract to watch out for at the end of the week.
  • You can choose to have social media marketing and management, networking, business development on a weekly fixed hours contract, or administrative work (such as invoice reconciliation, inbox management, etc) or even video editing and content creation.
  • I can be paid in GBP, USD, EUR and HUF. You only have to let me know in advance.
  • Any other service such as website design or skills training is subject to a set fee payable in advance on receipt of an invoice.
  • I am a low tax payer registered in Esztergom, Hungary and I also have a European tax code to work with anyone within the EU and overseas.
  • I am not VAT registered.